Missing dog believed kidnapped when an important clue saves her life

New York, New York - When Dr. Autumn Brewer came home from work, her dog Stella was missing from her locked apartment. Believing her pup was stolen, it was four days before Stella's owner uncovered how her dog had vanished.

All of a sudden, Stella the miniature Australian shepherd was gone (stock image).
All of a sudden, Stella the miniature Australian shepherd was gone (stock image).  © 123RF/pfotenweltfoto

When Stella mysteriously disappeared last Friday after being dropped off by her dog walker, her owner Dr. Brewer could only assume she had been stolen from her apartment, according to the New York Post.

But on Tuesday, Brewer was proven wrong, as she finally got access to surveillance camera footage from her apartment building.

Stella did, in fact, come home from her trip with the dog walker last Friday.

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However, as the footage showed the dog walker and Stella coming into the building, the sitter seemed distracted, and didn't realize that the apartment she left the dog in was not Brewer's!

Stella had been close by all-along, but locked in an apartment whose residents were on vacation!

After Stella's owner saw the video, she immediately ran to the apartment, where she heard a very weak bark.

The dog had been inside with no food or water for days!

When the landlord finally freed the pup, she was rushed to the vet for a check-up. Stella was clearly dehydrated, but is now back on track to being happy and healthy!

The rescue had some strange twists to be sure.

For one, Brewer realized the key the dog walker had used also opened the neighbor's apartment, which was concerning!

Additionally, the building management company only agreed to hand over its surveillance footage because the New York Post had initially reported on the dog's disappearance.

Thanks to good reporting and some fate in her favor, Stella is alive and well. Though her owner might want to follow up with her sketchy building managers.

Cover photo: 123RF/pfotenweltfoto

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