This dog is a troublemaker and he has a genius hiding spot!

Internet - Blue, a gorgeous husky, is a real teenage troublemaker. He loves to break the rules but before he has to face the consequences, he jumps into his favorite hiding place.

Blue's happy place is the pool.
Blue's happy place is the pool.  © Screenshot

Every dog owner knows that when their cute puppy becomes a rambunctious teenager, it can become hard to handle. Blue's family can tell you a thing or two about what its like to live with a furry menace. The husky loves to do anything he isn't allowed to.

His owner Emma Klapper told The Dodo, "He’s a loving, mischievous, crazy puppy who is incredibly smart. He loves to get himself into trouble and test our patience."

He knows the rules, so he also knows when he breaks one. When that happens, he immediately looks for a way out.

Recently he found the best possible place to hide until the trouble blows over: the pool. 

The troublemaker likes to get wet

The husky knows how to escape punishment.
The husky knows how to escape punishment.  © Screenshot

"He first started jumping in the pool when he was in trouble about two months ago when he learned how to swim and knew once he was in the pool we weren’t chasing after him," Emma said. 

The pool is the perfect place to hide because Blue knows that his owners won't be following in

"He usually stays in until we either leave the pool deck or get distracted with something else".

Even if his humans make the effort to chase him into the pool, the sneaky pooch has figured out how to evade them. He just swims to the deep end, as it's hard for his owners to grab him there. 

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