This dog knows he messed up: what did he do?

Skiatook, Oklahoma - This is what a dog with a guilty conscience looks like. And no wonder – Shiner really screwed the pooch on this one!

That's not the face of an innocent pup.
That's not the face of an innocent pup.  © Facebook/Screenshot/Paige Bodden

When Paige Bodden came home earlier this week, she was struck by the sound of running water. No one was home at the time except her three dogs.

Paige immediately followed the sound to the bathroom and turned off the faucet. She told the Daily Mail that tub was very close to overflowing and if she had come home any later the house would have been flooded!

Luckily on the fateful day Paige had come home from work earlier than usual. She had an appointment with a repairman to fix her dryer.

When she found the close call she knew it had to be one of her dogs. She got all three together and asked them some questions. An interrogation, filmed and conducted by Paige's husband quickly made it clear which dog had done the deed.

Shiner's eyes tell the whole story

Paige Bodden has to forgive the dog after he looks at her like that.
Paige Bodden has to forgive the dog after he looks at her like that.  © Facebook/Screenshots/Paige Bodden

It was her dog named Shiner. He's the one who had recently learned to open doors. Which means that turning on the faucet was probably child's play compared, aided by the fact that the sink valve looks a bit like a door handle.

But it was his look during the questioning that convinced his owners that he was guilty.

Shiner could barely raise his eyes to face them. He just kept blinking like crazy and trying to look away as he was asked: "Did you break into the bathroom and turn on the bath while we were gone and almost flood the house?"

His owner also asked the other dogs if they watched. They gave their owner blank stares, refusing to accept the guilt by association.

But luckily for Shiner his owners weren't too upset. After all, the house was still dry and they got a viral video out of the incident!

Cover photo: Facebook/Screenshots/Paige Bodden

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