This dog makes everyone's day with her hilarious hobby!

Canyon Lake, Texas – This is Tuba, a sweet young bull terrier who loves her family more than anything. But lately, something else seems to be taking over the little dog's life.

Tuba would love to do nothing else all day! (collage)
Tuba would love to do nothing else all day! (collage)  © Collage: Instagram/Screenshot/tubasmash

Tuba would love to devote every second of her life to the family's swing.

Although there is a lot to discover in the backyard, which she shares with her bull terrier sister Tuna, Tuba only has eyes for one thing.

After all, there's simply nothing better in the world than swinging – or at least her hilarious approximation of swinging.

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Instead of the typical back and forth movement, the dog seems to have the most fun spinning in circles and whirling through the air like a little tornado.

Nothing comes between Tuna and her love for her swing, and by nothing, we mean nothing!

The young dog doesn't even care if her favorite family member comes to visit. As great as the family's grandpa may be, he definitely doesn't get more attention than her toy.

Tuba continues to spin, while Tuna has to be sociable enough for two!

Share? Tuba doesn't share.

Tuba doesn't take any jokes when it comes to her swing – with an emphasis on "her," because this dog really doesn't do sharing!

If a visitor tries to sit on her beloved swing, this person can expect to be pulled down again by the leg!

On the Instagram account tubasmash, the family regularly shares funny snapshots of their two dogs and tons of entertaining videos of Tuba on the swing.

Cover photo: Collage: Instagram/Screenshot/tubasmash

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