Woman finds lonely dog abandoned on a bench with a heartbreaking note

Mexico City, Mexico - It's a sad story looking for a happy end.

Max lies on a park bench, the note attached next to him.
Max lies on a park bench, the note attached next to him.  © Montage: Screenshot/Twitter/Mascotas Coyoacan

On November 22, a woman was walking in a park in Mexico City when she found a dog who was tied to a bench, looking sad and lonely. As she took a closer look, she saw a piece of paper lying next to the animal.

Judging by the handwriting and wording, the note was most likely written by a child. From the very first line, it's clear that the story is a real tear-jerker.

"Hello. Please, I ask you to adopt my Max and take good care of him. Leaving my dog hurts a lot, but I made the decision because my relatives abused him and it hurt to see him in that situation."

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The letter continues to plead: "So if you read this and you feel moved, please adopt him and look after him. If not, please leave the letter here so another person can read it and adopt him. Thanks."

This ends the sad note.

Animal association is currently looking for a new family for the dog

The owner had tied the dog to the park bench on Sunday, November 22.

Now, staff from the animal association Mascotas Coyoacan have taken up the case and took poor pooch to their headquarters. According to the Daily Star, he responded well to human interaction and had no problem with being petted.

Max is now called Boston – a fresh name for what his rescuers hope will be a fresh start.

At the moment, Boston is still in the care of Mascotas Coyoacan and he's looking for a loving – one that will treat him better than his old owners did.

Cover photo: Montage: Screenshot/Twitter/Mascotas Coyoacan

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