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What's the latest news out of Mexico?
What's the latest news out of Mexico?  © 123RF / Alberto Loyo

TAG24 is the place to be for all of your Mexico News, including the latest on Trump's border wall, the country's political situation, the most recent sports achievements, interesting and curious stories, and more.

From avocado controversies to asylum seekers and refugees, Mexico is a complicated and fascinating country. With a troubled government and a huge problem with organized crime, the drug trade, and serious poverty, there is a lot of news to come out of this Central American country.

Mexico is not only crime, poverty and political scandal, though. The country has a rich and fascinating culture, history and climate. With that in mind, TAG24 is here to report on the country's people as well as its Government. From the latest food trends, to the biggest social movements in Mexico, this is the place to be.

Stay up to date on Mexican politics as well as the state of its environment and society right here at TAG24. Read funny stories, strange anecdotes, and the latest news to come out of the country's sophisticated organized crime networks.

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