Lemurs at an Illinois Zoo indulged in quite the Thanksgiving feast!

Brookfield, Illinois – It's not every day that animals get to fully partake in human holidays, such as Thanksgiving. But all that changed at Brookfield Zoo when the ring-tailed lemurs were treated to a fancy feast with football and all.

The ring-tailed lemurs at Brookfield Zoo enjoyed a Thanksgiving feast with a side of football.
The ring-tailed lemurs at Brookfield Zoo enjoyed a Thanksgiving feast with a side of football.  © Collage: Screenshot/Facebook/Brookfield Zoo

This holiday, Brookfield Zoo knew they wanted to treat some of their animals to an experience unlike any they'd had before.

On Wednesday, Brookfield Zoo hosted an interactive Facebook Live that featured three ring-tailed lemurs – Ramses, Dogwood, and Butch – enjoying a Thanksgiving feast with all the trimmings with a side of football as the cherry on top.

According to a press release from the zoo, the animal care team cooked up a nutritious meal that included a turkey made of primate biscuits and honey, mashed potatoes, green beans, the holiday staple that is cranberry sauce with sugar-free gelatin, and a pumpkin-sweet potato pie topped with popcorn in place of whipped cream.

Zoo staff made sure to cover every angle of a Thanksgiving feast, from the food selection to the themed table settings and seasonal decor.

Since this foodie holiday often involves massive amounts of football, Zoo staff created a makeshift big screen TV out of cardboard boxes and painted it to replicate a televised football game for the lemurs to get the full Thanksgiving experience.

The entire feast was captured and shared on Brookfield Zoo's Facebook page, and it sure seemed like the ring-tailed lemurs were enjoying themselves.

The food must have been beyond delicious, as the lemurs didn't seem to mind eating what the others had already stomped all over!

This is the eighth annual Thanksgiving feast the Brookfield Zoo has held for the ring-tailed lemurs. Here's to hoping these cute little guys get many more in the years to come.

Cover photo: Collage: Screenshot/Facebook/Brookfield Zoo

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