Marsupial mayhem: koala gets behind the wheel and triggers highway pileup!

Adelaide - A koala first caused a pile-up in Australia and then got behind the wheel itself!

Koalas can sometimes cause havoc on Australian roads.
Koalas can sometimes cause havoc on Australian roads.  © Collage: IMAGO / Nature Picture Library & IMAGO / McPHOTO

The marsupial first tried to cross a highway in Adelaide on Tuesday, causing five braking cars to get in an accident, 9News reported.

Morning rush-hour traffic on the road near the Crafers West suburb came to a standstill as a result, but there were no injuries.

A woman stuck in traffic managed to catch the cute little fellow with the help of a jacket. She explained, "I thought, OK, if we don't catch this koala and traffic starts moving again, we could have another pileup."

The woman decided to keep the prowler safe in the back of her car until animal rescuers arrived.

But the curious koala stuck its head through the car's headrest and made it clear that it was desperate to get into the front seat.

The koala promptly got behind the wheel – and left plenty of scratch marks thanks to its sharp claws.

In the meantime, animal rights activists have released the koala into the wild, far away from the highway.

Cover photo: Collage: IMAGO / Nature Picture Library & IMAGO / McPHOTO

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