Of Mice and Men: construction workers capture mighty mouse's extreme workout

Gates, Oregon - This wasn't Mickey or Mighty Mouse of cartoon fame, but a superhero in his own right!

The bulldozer was no match for one mighty mouse (stock image).
The bulldozer was no match for one mighty mouse (stock image).  © Collage: YouTube/Screenshot/Viral Hog & 123rf/mariok

In the animal kingdom, there are sheep and there are wolves. Some cower and are afraid, while others lead the way and live a life without fear.

And then there is this daredevil, who catapulted straight into the danger zone.

A construction site in Oregon became the battleground of a mouse versus machine!

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Social media users fell in love with the quick-footed critter who appeared to be doing his workout on a giant bulldozer, and was featured on the YouTube channel Viral Hog.

But the mega motor was no match for this tiny beast!

In the video, the mouse is seen running over the wheel of a tractor doing construction work. The driver changes the direction of the machinery often so that the rodent is not crushed beneath the wheel.

"I was at work, waiting for dump trucks when I noticed I had a visitor," said the machine operator.

"I thought it would like to do some hurdles."

The courageous creature runs up and down the wheel as it moves back and forth – outpacing the bulldozer's strong current.

Luck is on the mouse's side, because with just one misstep, it would have met its untimely end.

With its estimated 45 tons of weight, the heavy machinery leaves no doubt as to which is stronger. Yet, the little guy is clearly more nimble and clever.

Just as David fought Goliath, this underdog – or rather mouse – came out on top!

Cover photo: Collage: YouTube/Screenshot/Viral Hog & 123rf/mariok

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