Security camera records adorable bear cub having some winter fun

Internet - Just because you’ve seen snow a million times doesn’t mean it’s not magical each time you do – at least that’s how this bear cub feels!

The bear cub got up on its hind legs and reached out at the snowflakes.
The bear cub got up on its hind legs and reached out at the snowflakes.  © Screenshot/Twitter/Cute Animal Vines

In the middle of the night during a light snowfall, a bear was seen on a security camera video pausing in the midst of its evening walk to have a little frolic.

There's absolutely no doubt what this fluffy little thing's favorite season is – as the snowflakes drift down, it gets up on its hind legs to happily swat at them.

The cub doesn’t seem to mind that its momma bear isn't around – it just wants to dance around like nobody's watching!

Thankfully, a security camera was watching and recorded the video, which was later shared by Cute Animal Vines on Twitter. The clip has been viewed over 5 million times, capturing the hearts of those who are lucky enough to have stumbled upon the adorable clip.

Many who responded to the tweet shared the cub’s amazement, with one user saying, “snow is totally magical, so why not try and catch it?”

Although this cub probably could’ve kept the groove going well until sunrise, he ended up leaving the spotlight and snuck back into the night.

But not before he left everyone with a heartwarming scene to play over and over again.

Cover photo: Screenshot/Twitter/Cute Animal Vines

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