Snake chilling in the bathroom gives resident the shock of his life

Karana Downs, Australia - What a scary surprise!

No one wanted to take a shower with this uninvited "guest."
No one wanted to take a shower with this uninvited "guest."  © Facebook/Screenshot/Andrew's SNAKE Removal

When a man from Karana Downs, Australia, went to use the bathroom last Tuesday, he experienced the shock of a lifetime: a giant python was hanging out in his shower.

After taking a few breaths to calm himself, the Australian pulled out his phone and took a picture of the animal, which was about three feet long, before leaving the room and locking the door behind him.

He then proceeded to warn everyone else in the house and called a snake catcher named Andrew for help.

Meanwhile, the python was causing quite a bit of chaos in the bathroom by knocking over several objects and making scary noises.

Snake catcher Andrew rushes to the rescue

According to Andrew, the snake was in the middle of shedding its skin – a process during which they usually want to be alone in a dark place.

However, there was no way the animal could stay in the bathroom. Andrew had to capture the reptile and release it into the wild.

On his Facebook page, Andrew's SNAKE Removal, the snake catcher documented the removal in a post along with two photos. Nearly 400 users have commented on the story, many of them, as expected, fearing the reptile.

Very few people wanted to find such an unexpected guest in their bathroom...

Cover photo: Facebook/Screenshot/Andrew's SNAKE Removal

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