Wildlife experts horrified by what they find in child's bedroom

Flinders, Australia - This family found a specimen of one of the world's most poisonous snakes in their child's bedroom.

The brown snake is one of the most poisonous snakes in the world.
The brown snake is one of the most poisonous snakes in the world.  © Screenshot/Facebook/Snake Catchers Ipswich & Logan

The reptile experts of the company Ipswich & Logan, which refers to itself as "Queensland's most established and experienced professional snake catching team," received a call from a family from the Australian town of Flinders, Queensland. A snake had been found in their child's bedroom.

When the team arrived, they couldn't believe what species the family had encountered. The baby brown snake which was slithering cheerfully through the room is considered the second most poisonous in the world.

The bite of a brown snake can be fatal to humans. Without immediate medical attention after being bitten, the probability of dying is very high. The fact that brown snakes feel easily threatened and are quick to attack only served to highlight the family's close call.

The snake catchers recorded their mission and posted the video on Facebook. The footage shows the brown snake moving through the room at alarming speed.

According to the experts, these reptiles enter apartments mostly through open windows and doors, but also through small gaps in garage doors.

Second most poisonous snake in the world in children's bedroom

The world's most venomous snake is the inland taipan, which can also be found in Australia.

Cover photo: Screenshot/Facebook/Snake Catchers Ipswich & Logan

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