This cat doesn't look like he's got a good relationship with his roommate

Internet - This cat has become a viral sensation overnight after pictures show him being repeatedly annoyed by his roommate.

Can a cat look anymore annoyed than this? (collage)
Can a cat look anymore annoyed than this? (collage)  © Collage: Reddit/Screenshot/shanna99

Reddit user shanna99 posted the hilarious slide show of her cat and dog on the platform on Monday.

The slide show is made up of a ton of pictures of the two animal roommates. In every one, the dog seems to be annoying the heck out of his playmate.

The pooch enthusiastically cuddles up to the cat, sticking his nose in the cat's fur, putting his paws around him, or giving him little kisses.

The cat seems to be trying his best to ignore the nuisance.

While the cat pretends not to notice the dog's bids for attention, his face speaks volumes.

In every single photo, the cat's face is contorted into an annoyed grimace. He flattens his ears, squints his eyes, and bares his teeth. He definitely can't hide that he is beyond annoyed with the dog!

The Internet loves the animal roommates

The dog just won't let the cat relax (collage).
The dog just won't let the cat relax (collage).  © Collage: Reddit/Screenshot/shanna99

Shanna99 can't get enough of her pets and shared the photos, saying, "Please enjoy this slideshow of my cat’s faces when my dog bothers him for attention."

And sure enough, the Reddit community did enjoy them!

In just two days, the post got more than 20,000 upvotes, and users gush over it in the comments.

"That’s hysterical! Love your cat’s expressions. It’s as if he’s saying 'dude, I don’t need a best friend. I just need an apathetic roommate,'" wrote one amused viewer. Another mimicked what the animals in the pictures might be thinking: "Dog: Give me attention!! Cat: Don't bother, go away (and then runs away)." Yet another just gave voice to the cat, "Buddy, back off! You've got bone breath!"

Another user joked, "The faces vary mostly between 'Welp, just another day' all the way to 'F*CK OFF!'"

Cover photo: Collage: Reddit/Screenshot/shanna99

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