Two penguin gangs stop for a hilarious meet and greet

Falkland Islands - A special kind meeting took place on the Falkland Islands: two waddles of rockhopper penguins ran into each other. Andrea Barlow, the director of the island's national museum, shared a clip of the adorable animal meetup.

Two groups of mountain penguins meet and comedy ensues!
Two groups of mountain penguins meet and comedy ensues!  © Twitter Screenshot Andrea Barlow

Twitter went crazy for the penguin face off posted on January 11.

More than 6.8 million views and countless comments prove that there's nothing like a hilarious animal video to brighten everyone's mood.

In the clip, one of the penguin groups is making its way out to sea, while the other flock of flightless birds is heading back to the rookery after their swim.

The two gangs run into each other and stop to have a chat.

They waddle around each other and seem to be sharing the latest gossip from the sea. Are they asking each other about the catch of the day?

After the quick catch up the two groups separate – sort of.

It seems one penguin isn't quite ready to stop gabbing and he starts following the clique heading to the rookery. But luckily, its buddy hops after the wayward bird and seems to say "Hey I thought you were coming with us!"

The penguin quickly realizes its mistake and turns around, hopping on after its buddy. It's not for nothing that this species is called the rockhopper – the two bounce around at amazing speeds, making up the ground on their group in no time.

One Twitter user summed up the scene perfectly in the replies: "This is why you always have a buddy on your crew."

Cover photo: Twitter Screenshot Andrea Barlow

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