Woman is horrified when she sees what's hanging from her Christmas tree

Sydney, Australia - Australia is the home of spectacular wildlife and critters often make it into people's homes. But Rachael Leah Jackson did not expect to find an animal lounging in their Christmas tree!

Rachael Leah Jackson (42) discovered a snake on her Christmas tree.
Rachael Leah Jackson (42) discovered a snake on her Christmas tree.  © facebook.com/rachael.l.jackson.3

Born in the UK, she has lived in her adopted country Australia for quite some time.

But there is one thing she has not been able to get used to just yet: the Land Down Under seems to be swarming with snakes everywhere!

That's why the 42-year-old wasn't thrilled when she came home to the terrifying sight of a snake hanging from her decorated Christmas tree.

"When I came home my daughter started shouting, I looked at the tree and the snake was standing up straight and wrapped around the tree," Jackson told the Liverpool Echo.

Even a neighbor who she had asked for help ran away screaming at the sight of the snake making itself a festive home in Jackson's tree.

Luckily, the snake wasn't poisonous

Fortunately, the reptile was not poisonous.
Fortunately, the reptile was not poisonous.  © facebook.com/rachael.l.jackson.3

She made a call to the wild life agency in Sydney to retrieve it: "I phoned the Sydney wildlife people to come and take it away, and stood watching the snake for 40 minutes. When one escapes and go somewhere you can't get it out."

To the relief of everyone, it turned out to be a green tree snake, which is not venomous.

It's not the first time that Jackson had a reptilian visitor in her house: "There are snakes everywhere in Sydney. We're surrounded by national parks and my house backs on to the bush. I had a snake go under my couch recently which I couldn't find afterwards."

Australian wildlife seems to have taken a liking to sparkly indoor trees. A family in Adelaide recently came home to find a koala sitting in their Christmas tree.

Cover photo: facebook.com/rachael.l.jackson.3

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