Christina Perri reaches out to fans with emotional update after her tragic loss

Los Angeles, California - Two weeks ago, on November 24, Christina Perri experienced the trauma of a stillbirth. She dropped by Instagram on Tuesday to let her fans know how she was doing.

Christina Perri had a still birth two weeks ago.
Christina Perri had a still birth two weeks ago.  © Screenshot/Instagram/christinaperri

"We’re not ok, but we believe in a day we will be," Christina wrote in her Instagram post. "Every day we burst into tears and every day we find moments to laugh. it’s been all the feelings, all the emotions, all the questions, all the anger, all the sadness; all day long."

The 34-year-old's post shows her daughter Carmella cuddling with the family's puppy.

It's the first time the singer been in touch with her fans since suffering the tragedy. And she was met with a huge outpouring of love and support.

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"Sending you all mountains of love," wrote one follower. "So sorry for your loss! You are one strong woman," commented another.

The Perri household will need a lot of empathy and time to get over such a devastating loss.

Perri thanks her fans for their support and care

After a miscarriage in January and the recent stillbirth, Christina understandably needs privacy to rest and recover. She will be taking a social media break for a while to spend time with her husband Paul Costabile (33) and their daughter Carmella, who will be two years old in January.

In her emotional post, the musician thanked her fans for the support they have given her in the past couple of weeks.

"Honestly it’s been mostly overwhelming. but also, what’s been overwhelming has been the love and support. the calls, texts, messages, emails, letters, flowers, packages, gifts, food, prayers, cards, stories and visits have been the greatest outpouring of love in my lifetime. yes, it’s been the worst experience of my life, but how bittersweet to also be the most loved i’ve ever felt at the same time. thank you."

Christina added that by the time she will feel ready to return, her new album will be finished.

Her new record represents the " hopeful future self i look forward to healing back into soon. it truly is my favorite music i’ve ever made, so i am deeply excited for when the moment is right to give it to you."

Cover photo: Screenshot/Instagram/christinaperri

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