Cruz Beckham shows off his hidden talent on Instagram!

London, United Kingdom - Cruz, the youngest son of David and Victoria Beckham, shows off his special talent on Instagram, and it has nothing to do with soccer!

Cruz Beckham (15) is musically talented.
Cruz Beckham (15) is musically talented.  © Screenshot/Instagram/cruzbeckham

Cruz Beckham (15) sings You Send Me soulfully in front of the camera in his own rendition of Sam Cooke's classic.

Cruz's mother Victoria (46), formerly known as Posh Spice of the Spice Girls, posted the clip of her son's performance to her Instagram and wrote "singing like an angel."

Several of her followers compare Cruz's short performance to the young Justin Bieber. Others compliment his voice with streams of heart emojis.

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Many encourage the 15-year-old to consider a career in music.

But the teenager is not the only one to show off his vocal range in the Instagram video.

His father, soccer star David Beckham (45), also joins in the singing, interrupting the otherwise beautiful performance with hilarity.

David's witty vocal interlude also goes down well

David interrupts – or rather completes – Cruz's performance with a long "Ooohh." Cruz is visibly surprised, opening his eyes and smiling. Laughing, Victoria admonishes her husband: "Oh my God, David!"

Even if David's interruption may have embarrassed his son, it went down well with the Instagram community. The clip has 3,500,000 views and thousands of comments.

Who knows, maybe the teenager will follow in his mother's footsteps and try making his way in the world as a singer.

Cover photo: Screenshot/Instagram/cruzbeckham

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