Demi Lovato shows off her new mask and is both amused and disturbed

Los Angeles, California- Demi Lovato showed her Instagram fans that following the health guidelines doesn't necessarily mean hiding one of your best assets.

Demi Lovato's new mask doesn't hide her smile.
Demi Lovato's new mask doesn't hide her smile.  © Screenshot/Instagram/ddlovato

The actor and singer is all about wearing masks to prevent the spread of the coronavirus. She has also written lots of posts about the topic on social media.

Just recently the 28-year-old released her latest single, called Commander In Chief, criticizing President Trump. In the cover picture for the single she wears a mask with the word "vote" written in all caps.

Now Demi has once again used Instagram as a platform to proudly present another kind of face mask.

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This one covers the artist's mouth and nose, but not her smile.

"Someone gave me a mask with my smile on it and I'm equally amused as I am disturbed," joked the celebrity.

And although she's right and the printed facemask is a bit disturbing at first glance, she can definitely pull it off! After all, nobody looks better wearing Demi's smile than Demi herself.

Demi isn't the only one who has taken the term face mask literally. Macauly Culkin recently debuted a Home Alone-themed mask.

Cover photo: imago images / Everett Collection

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