Taylor Swift totes Gold Rush vibes in a sequin dress that has fans speculating

New York, New York – Since releasing her rerecording of Red, Taylor Swift has been making fashion statements left and right, and her birthday was no exception.

Taylor Swift celebrated her 32nd birthday on Monday.
Taylor Swift celebrated her 32nd birthday on Monday.  © Collage: Screenshot/Twitter/taylorswift13

On Monday, Swift celebrated her 32nd birthday amongst what appeared to be a close-knit, yet star-studded group of friends along with fellow December baby Alana Haim of HAIM.

The All Too Well singer shared a few snaps from her party on Twitter, and while there were some rather peculiar celebrity sightings – such as music artist Gracie Abrams and actor Diana Silvers – it was Swift's flouncy one-shoulder gold sequin dress by Julia Clancey that stole the show.

Since the Grammy-winning singer first started doing press for the release of Red (Taylor's Version), she's been rocking silhouettes she seldom has in the past, and the world has taken notice.

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From catsuits on Saturday Night Live in November to off-the-shoulder dresses on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, Swift has been serving look after look with no end in sight.

Some keen-eyed Swifties even noticed a similarity between her one-shoulder birthday party dress, and the one she wore in the promo photos for her SNL performance last month.

Both dresses are gold, one-shoulder, and adorned with sequins, with the similarities between the two sending fans into a tailspin of speculation whether this was another one of her classic "Easter eggs", slyly hinting at what's to come.

Swift has several songs in her ever-expanding arsenal that reference the color gold in some way, such as the track Gold Rush from her 2020 album, Evermore, and Invisible String from Folklore, where Swift so eloquently says, "One single thread of gold tied me to you."

Per usual, Swift has yet to comment on the possibility that she's been dropping subtle hints to her fans.

And just like clockwork, Swifties will be anxiously awaiting their queen's next fashion-forward move.

Cover photo: Collage: Screenshot/Twitter/taylorswift13

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