What a paw-ty! Orlando Bloom's dogs are helping him cope with his sad loss

Los Angeles, California - Hollywood star Orlando Bloom is still mourning the devastating loss of his beloved dog Mighty, who died in the summer. But five furry friends seem to be doing a great job helping him cope.

Orlando Bloom (43) loves his dogs and has been mourning the loss of his furry friend Mighty.
Orlando Bloom (43) loves his dogs and has been mourning the loss of his furry friend Mighty.  © imago images / POP-EYE

In a recent Instagram post, the 46-year-old actor appears with a wide grin on his face while posing with his five adorable pooches.

Earlier in November, Bloom and his fiancée Katy Perry (36) had expanded the four-legged gang to include a small white poodle named Buddy.

That doesn't mean his dearly departed Mighty has been forgotten, the Pirates of the Caribbean star insisted in a November 11 Instagram post. "Nothing can replace mighty man," he wrote.

However, fostering the cute puppy has "really filled his heart."

Mighty went missing back in July. After a seven-day search, during which Bloom reportedly left no stone unturned, only the collar of his beloved pet was recovered.

"I have wept more this week than I thought possible, which has been very cathartic and healing," Orlando noted in an Instagram post announcing Mighty's death. "He was more than a companion. It was a soul connection for sure."

In a special tribute to Mighty, Bloom got a tattoo of the poodle's name right above his heart.

Cover photo: imago images / POP-EYE

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