Savage burns galore as the queens roast each other on RuPaul's Drag Race

Los Angeles, California - This week brought on RuPaul's Drag Race's first-ever "Nice Girls Roast" – and the self-proclaimed mean girl Kandy Muse was here to own the challenge.

Kandy Muse snatched the crown for this week's challenge.
Kandy Muse snatched the crown for this week's challenge.  © Instagram/@thekandymuse

Week 12 was anything but "nice," but the raw roasts and the comedy brought on by the likes of Kandy Muse and Rosé made this episode one of the most entertaining of the season so far.

Plus, we got to admire the stunning all-stars Heidi N. Closet, Nina West, and the marvelous Valentina!

The gorgeous trio were mesmerized by Kandy Muse and they had every reason for it. Wearing her hair and make-up on fleek, the queen definitely made up for her gruesome outfit on last week's runway.

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Granted, she might have sparked controversy in the past, but even those who aren't her biggest fans had to give it to Kandy this time: she is hilarious.

Radiating confidence, she strut up to the podium and fired shots that had the judges, the queens and us in front of the screen breaking out in tears of laughter.

With lines like "RuPaul is so old, I told her to act her age – and she died," she even cracked the toughest juror of them all.

Awkward silences and savage burns

Symone and Utica were a real tragedy in comparison. Symone was way too nervous to break a single joke, resulting in cringeworthy awkward silences. Similarly hard to watch was Utica, who caused a lot of second-hand-embarrassment. At one point, she called Heidi "gap-toothed" and "full of bull semen." No one laughed. It was just... mean.

"I don't think I've ever felt that uncomfortable watching the roast challenge before," one user commented on Twitter, echoing the sentiments of many others.

Certainly, everyone breathed a sigh of (comedic) relief when Gottmik came up to the podium and broke the tense air with her playful attitude. Meanwhile, Olivia Lux, while adorable as always, disappointed with a lousy roast that was forgotten the moment she left the stage.

Rosé came last to round up the challenge in style. This queen must have been roasting the girls in her head since the start of this season because she didn't hold back one bit. She took hits at every single of the all-stars and she didn't miss such as when she took aim at Heidi for trying to sleep with her. "Lies!" came the faux-outraged response.

It didn't come as a surprise that Utica and Olivia were left to lip sync for their lives to the tune of Ariana Grande’s No Tears Left to Cry.

Symone out-slayed Utica on this one, offering all the drama and nuances that the hit song deserves.

Utica was to sashay away after this week's poor performance. But her quirky ways and brilliant outfits will certainly be missed.

Cover photo: Instagram/@thekandymuse

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