Adult model loves nip slips – Instagram's hands are tied

Los Angeles, California - Italian influencer Bianca Ghezzi continues to push Instagram's limits!

Bianca Ghezzi's (27) fans think she looks fantastic, but are some of her pictures too sexy for Instagram?
Bianca Ghezzi's (27) fans think she looks fantastic, but are some of her pictures too sexy for Instagram?  ©

There's no question: the young blonde's (27) snaps certainly raise eyebrows.

Considering anyone with an internet connection can access the photos, her Instagram account pushes the envelope.

Her profile is filled with pictures of herself scantily clad: tiny micro-bikinis, see-through shirts, and underwear consisting of only a few gauzy strips of fabric – that's all she needs to keep the likes coming.

While many other Instagram models show off their bodies in similar ways, Bianca Ghezzi likes to put the cherry on top.

Not only does she like to show a lot of cleavage and under-boob. Every now and then, she even lets a nipple slip.

When are nipples allowed on Instagram?

Other models like Violet Summers and Viking Barbie were forced to delete some of their posts showing nipples. Why are Bianca Ghezzi's still online?

The Instagram Community Guidelines state that pictures of women's nipples are not allowed (male nipples, on the other hand, are not a problem), but women can easily get around this rule. For example, if they show their nipples through a transparent piece of clothing, it doe not violate the rule.

As long as the 27-year-old doesn't post her fully exposed breasts, she's not breaking any rules!

Instagram frequently censors explicit content, so as well-liked as the posts may be, sometimes it's better not to show too much.

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