Florida man makes gruesome find in the container he was holding for his neighbor

Sarasota, Florida - Be careful about what you hold on to for your neighbors. This man had been holding a trashcan or a neighbor but after two months he decided to look inside, what he found smelled found and lead to crimal charges.

The decomposing body was wrapped up and sealed in the large container (stock image).
The decomposing body was wrapped up and sealed in the large container (stock image).  © 123rf/Waraphot Wapukphet

According to the Herald-Tribune, the resident of Windmill Mobile Park called the Manatee County Sheriff's Office (MCSO) after opening the trashcan he was holding for someone else in his car port and being greeted by a terrible smell.

Investigators found a badly decomposed body in the 55 gallon trashcan. The MCSO's spokesperson said, "The guy holding this trash can said that he thought it was a container of personal items. He was told by the owner of the can, 'I'll be back for it later on.'"

The resident only decided to open the container when its owner didn't return. Initially the authorities kept most of the information about the incident under wraps so that they could do a thorough investigation.

The Herald-Tribune reported that trash can's owner has been identified as 48-year-old Michelle Haney, while the remains are those of Jon Christopher Leonard. He was 39 years old and was living with Leonard at the time of his death in July.

The suspect first hid the body in a closet

After the body was found and identified, Haney told detectives she had discovered Leonard dead inside the home back in July. But instead of calling the police, she hit the body in the closet for over three weeks.

Then Haney moved the remains into the trash can, sealed it, and took the container to her unsuspecting neighbor.

She admitted that her plan was to collect Lenard's Social Security benefits after his death. Haney has been charged with the abuse of a dead human body. Additional charges are expected.

An autopsy will be done to determine Jon Christopher Leonard's cause of death.

Cover photo: 123rf/Waraphot Wapukphet

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