Hot stuff! Sexpert recommends a surprising daily habit to have better orgasms

Sydney, Australia - An outspoken sexpert has made a surprising claim that grabbing a piping hot cup of Joe can also heat up the bedroom.

Nadia Bokody did some digging to find out if coffee can give sex an extra jolt.
Nadia Bokody did some digging to find out if coffee can give sex an extra jolt.  © Collage: Facebook/Screenshot/nadiabokody (2)

Once a self-confessed sex addict, Nadia Bokody has had a lot to say on the topic of orgasms and sex with long-term partners.

In a new column for the New Zealand Herald, she explored how an ordinary daily habit could make for some out-of-this-world sexy time.

The Australian said that drinking coffee before doing the deed – either with yourself or a partner – may give sex an extra jolt.

A TikTok rumor claimed that consuming caffeine before sex would make orgasms much more intense. One content creator, appropriately named Cup of Alex, made a video which said that drinking coffee could increase the big bang by as much as 50%.

Bokody did some digging to find out the truth about savoring strong climaxes from an extra-strong brew.

Research showed that caffeine helps to dilate blood vessels and stimulates blood flow, which pumps more energy into the body. This is the reason why reaching for a cup as a morning pick-me-up or to get more done during the work day seems to increase productivity.

But does the coffee effect extend to the genitals?

"I found myself throwing back a double shot of espresso before hitting full speed on my vibrator," the Aussie said of taking the experiment into her own hands.

Bokody calls herself "the internet's queen of TMI"

Is the bigger Big O just a placebo?

Bokody claimed her Big O felt slightly more intense than usual, but to make sure she wasn't experiencing a placebo effect, she took her questions to a pro.

"You might get the sensation of improvements with your orgasms," gynecologist Dr. Joseph Sgroi explained of the stimulant. "That said, caffeine is no substitute for appropriate foreplay and bonding with your partner," he added.

The java jolt also comes with additional warnings for your health: drinking too much can lead to side effects like jitters, anxiety, dehydration, lack of sleep, or heart palpitations – and not the sexy kind of heart racing.

Yet, Bokody has found that when practicing moderation, coffee drinkers can add another espresso shot to that grande dirty chai.

And afterwards, get down and dirty big time in the bedroom.

Cover photo: Collage: Facebook/Screenshot/nadiabokody (2)

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