Body mod addict who was almost blinded by ink gets radical new eye tattoo

Brisbane, Australia - Years after being nearly blinded by a botched eye tattoo job, Amber Luke has gone back for more, getting a complex clouded pattern printed onto her eyeballs.

Amber Luke nearly went blind last time she had her eyes tattooed.
Amber Luke nearly went blind last time she had her eyes tattooed.  © Collage: Screenshots/Instagram/@amberluke666

Brisbane native Amber Luke has made a name for herself with her radical set of body modifications and tattoos, which she shows off to her more than 62,000 Instagram followers in numerous scantily-clad snaps.

Self-described as "Aus' most tatted woman," the Australian model and influencer caused a stir when she revealed that her eye tattoos had been botched, leading to several weeks of blindness.

The tattoos were left unfinished due to mistakes that were made and, as a result, Amber Luke revealed earlier this month that she wanted to return to Brazil and get the job finished. It turns out, however, that she wanted far more than just a quick tidy-up.

Amber Luke's radical new eye tattoo made her "feel human again"

Amber Luke got a new clouded pattern tattooed into her eyes.
Amber Luke got a new clouded pattern tattooed into her eyes.  © Collage: Screenshots/Instagram/@amberluke666

In a post dropped on Instagram over the weekend, Amber Luke revealed that she had done more than just a quick eye tattoo touch-up. Instead, she turned her eyes into a cloudy blue and black pattern.

"I was blinded for 3 weeks upon my first ever body modification," Luke explained in the post. "That in itself was the most brutally torturous agony I have experienced to this date so far…then why the hell do it again you ask?"

Luke revealed that the botched tattoo job, which happened about seven years ago, had been quite traumatic. She had been in talks with veteran Brazilian extreme body modifier @gattoo_moreno about getting them done safely and professionally.

"Gattoo ensured that I would be in the best hands – and he was 100% correct. From checking in at the procedure, to after care and the validation of my pain throughout; it made me feel human again," she wrote.

"I cannot thank you and your team enough for travelling here to meet me and letting me experience what I deserved 7 years ago... Big blessings y'all."

Cover photo: Collage: Screenshots/Instagram/@amberluke666

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