Extreme ink addict wipes out huge back tattoo as he aims to go all-black!

Lethbridge, Canada - This in addict has covered more than 90% of his body in intricately designed tattoos. Now, he has announced plans to cover it up with one big black out!

"Ephemeral Remy" has taken his fans with him on his transformational tattoo journey.
"Ephemeral Remy" has taken his fans with him on his transformational tattoo journey.  © Collage: Screenshot/YouTube/@EphemeralRemy

Remy has been making waves for his tat game for years now, sharing his hundreds of remarkable pieces with an avid audience on social media. Now, he's taken to his YouTube channel to announce a radical change.

In recent months, Remy has already made headlines for major body-art decisions, such as his goal to introduce a little more red to his gallery, or his radical change to an almost completely black inked-on bodysuit.

Now, he wants to sketch over his iconic black and white back piece with one big black out tattoo, which he then plans to sketch on top of.

"Ephemeral Remy" address black out back tattoo

In a 17-minute-long YouTube clip, Remy explained that he wants a total revamp of his back tattoos because he feels that he has "negative space" on his back.

"People are like 'Oh, you've got negative space on your back'," he explained. "Yes, I know, I'm going to get to it - I can't wait to get to it."

Remy, who goes by "Ephemeral Remy" on YouTube and his Instagram channel, is covering up a black-and-white artwork that centers around a nude woman, with what seem to be two vampires, a sword, and some skulls, surrounding her.

"There is only one thing I am wondering about... There's quite a bit of stuff that ties in from the top of the back to the front and, again, at the base, that's going to be a bit hard to work around."

"If I can't wrap my head around how we're going to do it, then I can't sign off on it. And that's the same reason why I haven't blacked out my ears."

Cover photo: Collage: Screenshot/YouTube/@EphemeralRemy

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