Machine Gun Kelly's blackout tattoo isn't as unique as you might think

Cleveland, Ohio - Machine Gun Kelly has found himself criticized for blackout tattoos that cover most of his chest and arms. Yet, to many, extreme ink is not so out of the ordinary.

Machine Gun Kelly isn't alone in the blackout tattoo trend.
Machine Gun Kelly isn't alone in the blackout tattoo trend.  © Collage: Screenshots/Instagram/@the_black_alien_project/@machinegunkelly/@ephemeral__remy

A few weeks ago, musician and rapper Machine Gun Kelly sparked controversy among fans by getting a massive blackout tattoo across his chest and down his arms.

The "Wild Boy" star shared a snap on his Instagram, where he has more than nine million followers. The picture, captioned "for spiritual purposes only" and tagging tattooist Roxx, showed a pretty radical transformation that instantly sparked fan debate.

Despite the furore, which was reported on around the world, Kelly is far from alone in his love of this radical tattoo transformation.

Machine Gun Kelly's blackout tattoos are hardly unique

While Machine Gun Kelly's move to have his chest and arms blacked out is indeed radical, compared to the likes of the Black Alien Project's Anthony Loffredo and Jessy Kirkpatrick, it's child's play.

It's Remy, though, who is truly making strides in the field of blackout tattoos. Having covered most of his body in ink, the Canadian dad and tattooist is on a mission to prove that you can tattoo over black.

In a recent post, Remy shared an update on his intricate sleeves, showing off a variety of colorful and vibrant patterns. This followed months of work he had undertaken, turning his shoulders from black to red.

The Black Alien has taken it to the true extreme, though, making Machine Gun Kelly look nearly tattoo-less in comparison.

With the goal of turning himself into an alien, his extreme look has led him to be banned from restaurants.

Cover photo: Collage: Screenshots/Instagram/@the_black_alien_project/@machinegunkelly/@ephemeral__remy

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