Republicans choose New York Rep. Elise Stefanik to replace ousted House leader Liz Cheney

Washington DC - A GOP conference chair replacement has been named for ousted Congressmember Liz Cheney, who was removed on Wednesday for speaking out against Donald Trump and shunned by many in the Republican Party.

Elise Stefanik spoke to reporters in Washington DC.
Elise Stefanik spoke to reporters in Washington DC.  © IMAGO / ZUMA Wire

On Friday, House Republicans voted-in upstate New York Representative Elise Stefanik as their new third-in-command, and awarded her for her loyalty to the former president.

Stefanik was allegedly handpicked because of her amplification and defense of Trump's false claims that the 2020 election was rigged.

Holding a second closed door meeting this week in the basement of the Capitol, party members voted 136-46 to make Stefanik their new conference chairperson, a source confirmed to the Daily News.

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Donald Trump Trump Organization sues NYC over canceled golf course contract following Capitol riot

The vote was conducted by secret paper ballot, with 46 members who voted against her proving the party is not universally happy with Stefanik – known as a "fearless warrior" for the MAGA movement.

Stefanik made a 180-pivot from her days of criticizing Trump, when she called his comments about sexually assaulting women during his 2016 presidential run "just wrong" – which many of her party members also seem to have forgotten.

She was one of the House GOP's most moderate members before abandoning her past beliefs and becoming a loyal pro-Trump advocate during his first impeachment in 2019.

"I'm truly honored and humbled to earn the support of my colleagues to serve as House Republican Conference Chair," she tweeted in a statement on Friday. The Congressmember's district spans northern New York state from the suburbs of Albany to the Canadian boarder

House Chair Liz Cheney was removed earlier this week in an unprecedented move by members of her own party to punish her for her strong remarks against Trump’s election lies. She also spoke out criticizing his incitement of the riot on the Capitol in January, and claimed she will continue to do so despite her party's witch-hunt against her.

Republicans remained united in their unwavering support of Trump and unwillingness to do anything to cross him.

Stefanik's changing position on Trump has cemented her rise to power in the Republican Party

Donald Trump, House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy, and other Republican leaders endorsed Stefanik's bid for conference chairperson this week, making her confirmation all but certain.

A last-minute but unsuccessful challenge to Stefanik was launched by Texas Rep. Chip Roy and backed by ultra-conservatives, who highlighted her past flip-flopping and moderate voting record.

Yet, Roy's support of Biden's election win made him an adversary of Trump, and perhaps led to his falling out of favor with his colleagues, who overwhelmingly favor the former president

Stefanik's new position as House Chair cements her rise, political transformation, and support from a party who still aligns with Trump's false claims at all costs.

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