Baby gets a surprise visit from a furry friend at bedtime

Internet - What's that ball of fluff doing in the baby's crib? This video went viral but not everyone thought it was cute.

This curious kitten creeps into the baby's bed at night.
This curious kitten creeps into the baby's bed at night.  ©

TikTok user sonja_overman was surprised when her baby monitor notified her that something was moving in her baby's bed, and that it wasn't the baby.

The clip shows a toddler fast asleep while a kitten sneaks into the crib.

At first the little cat explores the crib and pays the baby no heed. But when the baby wakes up and notices the furry intruder, she grabs it and pulls it close for cuddles.

The tiny kitten seems taken by surprise and tries to escape, but it's stuck in the kid's arms and the two cuddling cuties are just adorable.

Sonja clearly liked the video, so she posted it online and the clip went viral. But despite its 4.6 million views and 450,000 likes, not everyone felt the same.

Some commenters even accused Sonja of bad parenting.

TikTok users are worried

When the child wakes up, she grabs the kitten and cuddles with it.
When the child wakes up, she grabs the kitten and cuddles with it.  ©

One user wrote "I really hope the cat is okay, babies don't know how to be handled properly."

Others were simply surprised by the baby's reaction: "At first I was worried for the baby then I was scared for the kitten"

Many busybodies left judgmental replies "How did he even get in there?? y'all close your babies doors." Some critics even latched onto the state of the crib and wondered why there were blankets, much less a cat, in there. "Anyone else worried bc the blanket is in the crib?!"

Sonja got so much flack that she made 4 response videos to address the comments. In one, she introduces the TikTok community to the kitten and assures users that it and the baby are fine and "obsessed with each other."

In another clip she explains that the family is renovating their house, so there are no doors to close. And in yet another she explains that they are following safe sleep guidelines – as her daughter is 15 months old, it's not a problem to have a blanket in the crib.

Sonja said she didn't expect to have to deal with so many "'Karens' caring about what they shouldn't." Maybe these videos will help people take it all less seriously.

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