Residents find a pizza box in the street and can't believe what's inside

Tlaltenango, Mexico - Residents of the Mexican city of Tlaltenango could hardly believe their eyes when they opened a pizza box they found lying in the street. What was inside left the entire city in speechless.

This little baby was found in a box of pizza.
This little baby was found in a box of pizza.

The box contained a little baby – a real, human baby – wrapped up in a warm blanket.

And as if that wasn't shocking enough already, the box also contained a little note. As the Daily Star reported, the hand-written message said: 

"Take care of my grandson. My daughter died in labor and I don't have the financial means to raise him and I hope he finds a better life. God, forgive me."

The gobsmacked residents immediately alerted social services, who decided to take the baby to a nearby hospital for the time being.

The mayor of Tlaltenango, Miguel Ángel Varelo Pinedo, was heartbroken and shared a picture of the note on his Facebook page

"It is sad to know that a baby is being given away for lack of economic resources. Beyond the message, we must show solidarity here and take care of the baby," he wrote.

The post received over 1,000 likes and the comment section is filled with words of bewilderment and gratitude.

The baby was given the name Ángel Gabriel. Mayor Pinedo now hopes that the little boy will find a new home with loving parents as soon as possible.

The baby is currently up for adoption.

Cover photo: Screenshot/Twitter/AccesoZ/Facebook/Miguel Angel Varelo Pinedo

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