Pregnant woman who thinks she needs to go number two gets one big surprise

Bridgnorth, United Kingdom – A woman named Billie Ward was pregnant and suffering from severe abdominal cramps the night before her due date, but she thought she just needed to go to the bathroom.

Billie Ward was convinced she just needed to go to the bathroom (stock image).
Billie Ward was convinced she just needed to go to the bathroom (stock image).  © 123RF/Irina Schmidt

But she was wrong: her daughter wanted out!

The 22-year-old woman experienced terrible stomach pains the entire night, but she was 100% sure it was just her stomach acting up.

Billie told The Sun, "I was biting down on the sofa because I could feel this pain and genuinely thought it was a poo."

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The idea that the pains could be contractions didn't cross her mind.

Billie gritted her teeth until around 4:00 AM, when she realized she was bleeding.

Then she knew it was time to seek help, so she called the emergency hotline and explained her situation. The operator was pretty sure Billie didn't need to go to the bathroom. They were convinced that she was already in labor, so they started coaching her through birth.

Shortly after 5:00 AM, paramedics arrived at Billie's house, and then everything happened incredibly fast. After just five minutes of pushing, the 22-year-old was holding her daughter Arete in her arms.

Billie urges other expecting mothers to listen to their bodies

"After I gave birth as my body was in shock, I was shaking." Billie recalls, "Because of how quickly I went into labor, my waters didn't break. My body wasn't prepared."

Billy's mother, who had come to help her daughter in the middle of the night, was snapping hundreds of photos, but Billie didn't care. She felt a mix of shock and relief, as you can see from the photo of the young mother right after she gave birth in her bathroom. She couldn't believe it was her baby lying on the floor and not a big turd.

"My message [to other mums] would be 'listen to your body'. Your body is doing what it's meant to do. It will take over."

Cover photo: 123RF/Irina Schmidt

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