Family tears down closet wall and makes mind-blowing discovery!

Internet - A family was left speechless by what they found during renovation work on their house.

Abriana Cristel documented the crazy discovery her family made.
Abriana Cristel documented the crazy discovery her family made.  © TikTok/Screenshot/abrianacristel

As abrianacristel documented on her TikTok account, the make-over of her mother's closet didn't turn out the way everyone expected it to.

Initially, her mom wanted to expand the walk-in closet in the family's house, hoping that there might be a little bit more space behind it.

But when the back wall of the closet was torn down, an amazing secret was revealed . Instead of a few inches of extra space, they found entire rooms that no one in the family had known about!

Abriana Cristel went on to film the mysterious quarters that even had several windows!

The astonishment recorded in her first clip is obvious in her voice. The second video was shot later, after Abriana had some time to process the mind-blowing discovery.

TikTok users are equally baffled

There were several rooms hidden behind the walk-in closet.
There were several rooms hidden behind the walk-in closet.  © Montage: TikTok/Screenshot/abrianacristel

TikTok users across the globe were amazed with what this family had just found. It didn't take long and the clip turned into a viral hit. Abriana's first video has been clicked more than 511,000 times.

And another small detail that makes everything even more bizarre: according to Abriana, she and her family have been living in the house for more than three years.

This raised even more questions among the curious users: how could no one notice the windows that weren't from any of the occupied rooms in the house?

Abriana addressed this question in the comments and explained that she had been aware of the windows, but just never managed to figure out how to get to them.

The bad news for the young woman is that she won't benefit from the new section of the house. Her mother has already claimed it for herself.

Cover photo: TikTok/Screenshot/abrianacristel

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