Bartenders spill the te(quil)a: these are the funniest stories of kids trying to buy alcohol

Internet - It's no secret that minors try to get alcohol at bars and liquor stores all the time. And they seem to be getting more creative every day, according to bartenders and liquor store employees who spilled the tea on some of the funniest attempts they've seen.

Cocktail or wine? Only if you're over the age of 21!
Cocktail or wine? Only if you're over the age of 21!  © 123RF/wavebreakmediamicro

Anyone who has ever worked in a bar or a store with a liquor license knows how creative young people suddenly become when it comes to getting their hands on some beer.

Reddit user FallinStar2016 challenged the community to report their craziest stories.

Here are some of the best ones:

  • One user wrote about a young girl who showed him an ID and asked for a drink. He immediately became suspicious and asked her if the ID was really hers, to which she said yes. Then came the twist: "What she didn’t realize is that the purse she stole the day before, and the ID she was now using, belonged to one of the other bartenders. Calling her over to 'look at this' was a satisfaction I havn’t felt before or since." [sic]
  • Another user once worked at a gas station. One day, a boy who looked no older than 16 years old came in, grabbed a 12-pack of beer and approached the sales counter. "Can I see your ID?", asked the user. "He looks me in the eye, says 'Nope', drops a $20 on the counter and walks out."

There were questions over this case qualified as theft. The minor had not stolen the 12-pack, but he hadn't technically bought it either.

Tattoos and embarassing mistakes

Young people are getting overly creative for the booze.
Young people are getting overly creative for the booze.  © Andrey Mitrofanov/123
  • One teenager thought a few fake tattoos would make him look tougher and older: "He'd clearly done them with a felt tip pen," the user wrote. "But it was a hot day so the sweat was making them drip down his arm."
  • But sometimes, the vigilance can go too far. A user thought a 10-year-old boy was trying to buy a bottle of whiskey, so he laughed and confidently asked for his ID. "The 10 year old boy was actually a 23 year old woman. I did the rest of the transaction in silence."

There was a clear winner when it came to the most common method encountered: using the ID of an older friend.

That very rarely works, especially if minors take the cashier for a fool.

One user wrote about a white boy trying to buy alcohol with his African American buddy's ID. Another shared a story about a 15-year-old girl chancing her luck with her brother's ID.

Cover photo: 123RF/wavebreakmediamicro

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