Birthday bash turns into a brawl over who gets to blow out the candles

Internet - Blowing out the candles on the birthday cake is a very big deal to kids. Just ask little Maria, who reacted very badly to having that honor taken away from her.

Maria (3) could hardly have shone more broadly on her birthday, but then everything was ruined for her. (montage)
Maria (3) could hardly have shone more broadly on her birthday, but then everything was ruined for her. (montage)  © Screenshot/Twitter/itsTimHell

On Tuesday, Twitter user itsTimHell shared a funny video on his account.

In it, Maria is celebrating her third birthday, together with her friends and family.

The little girl is beaming at her birthday cake, while the others singing to her. 

After the singing is done, she bends down to blow out the candle on the colorful cake and presumably make a wish. But then the drama begins: the girl standing next to her beats her to it and before Maria knows it, the candle is already out.

It's safe to say Maria is not amused.

She stares in shock and outrage at the girl, who smiles flippantly and shrugs. Then all hell breaks loose, as Maria grabs her arch-enemy's hair and starts pulling. The brawl continues until an adult steps in to separates them.

Some users are shocked and others can relate

Twitter users disagree about what to think of the video. Some were stunned that three-year-old Maria reacted so aggressively, while others seem to understand it. One of Maria's defenders writes, "Omg I would beat her so goods." 

Others, however, noticed another curious detail: The girl who blew out the candles already had a smug grin on her lips before she blew out the candles. It looks like the whole incident was premeditated and she was planning to ruin Maria's day from the start.

The clandestine candle-blower doesn't even react to having her hair pulled, she just smiles with enormous satisfaction and looks proud of her work. One user commented, "I wanna know their relationship cause she really hates this lil girl!! no remorse, just pride."

While the birthday child screams, her guest smiles contentedly.
While the birthday child screams, her guest smiles contentedly.  © Screenshot/Twitter/itsTimHell

It's a family feud

But it seems that the little girl who blew out the birthday girl's candle isn't just an unruly party guest – she's actually the birthday girl's sister! A family photo of the two girls was tweeted under the original video. 

It looks like these two have a bit of a family feud going on. Maybe Maria will be getting her revenge at her sister's birthday party.

Cover photo: Screenshot/Twitter/itsTimHell

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