Little girl writes incredible Christmas wish list for Santa Clause

Essex, UK - Counting down the days until Santa comes, kids are busy writing their wish lists. And one Twitter user found his sister's list so hilarious he shared it on the platform.

A nine-year-old girl addressed an extensive wish list to Santa.
A nine-year-old girl addressed an extensive wish list to Santa.  © Screenshot/Twitter/AllyTheJedi

"Y’all, look at this letter my little 9y/r sister wrote to Santa," he wrote.

Before getting to her requests in the letter, the girl thought she should lay her cards on the table: "I have tried hard to be good but miserably failed," the schoolgirl wrote in cursive handwriting.

"I'll be honest, I do deserve a coal, but please I'd love to have a present," she continued.

The girl added shortly after she would like "actually more than one" gift and asked Santa to tick off the products he has in store from a list of whopping 12 items.

The lengthy list included pricey presents such as a Playstation 5. She generously gave Santa some alternatives too, such as a Playstation 4 and a Nintendo Switch.

If everything goes her way, there will also be an iPhone 12, a laptop, and a computer (the "latest"!) under the Christmas tree.

And it's not just gadgets that she's interested in. A penguin and a panda also made the list. To avoid any misunderstanding, the letter also made it emphatically clear that she's not talking about stuffed animals – "not dead" is the specification.

Many Twitter users were impressed with the girl's writing and determination when it comes to presents.

"I don’t know what shocks me more; the fact that you have a 9y/o sister, her handwriting or her use of diction and syntax at that age," one wrote.

"Y’all should at least at the bare minimum complete half of her request. She invested a lot in making that list. another joked," insisted another.

How many presents Santa will tick off for the little rascal remains to be seen. But he might need a bigger sleigh!

Cover photo: Screenshot/Twitter/AllyTheJedi

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