Need a timely Halloween costume? How about dressing up as a sexy postal worker?

USA - 2020 might be one of the worst years yet, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't dress up for Halloween. In fact, the mounting disasters and challenges have inspired some pretty strange – but funny – costumes. 

There's not long to go till Halloween (stock image).
There's not long to go till Halloween (stock image).  © foodandmore/ 123 rf

It might be too depressing to dress up as something scary like a skeleton or a witch. And 2020 already feels pretty hexed thanks to the global coronavirus pandemic, wildfires raging across the US and Australia, and Kobe Bryan's tragic death, among many other bad things.

But don't let 2020 get you down. The chaotic year have inspired some interesting new costumes, both sexy and funny. 

Kids have always used Halloween as an excuse to dress up as their heroes, whether fictional, like Harry Potter, or real, like firefighters, nurses, or doctors. All of these professions have also made great costumes for adults – with an emphasis on adult, as the outfits seemed to get skimpier every year.

Be a sexy mail carrier this year

As the New York Times reported, dressing up as a cop no longer seems like the most appropriate option, as widespread issues of police brutality led to Black Lives Matter protests all over the US and around the world. 

Houston photographer Marlene Rivera came up with an alternative, which she shared on Instagram,"Ladies we are no longer dressing up as sexy cops. Our new sexy costumes are mail carriers.”

In 2020, the humble mail carrier has gone from someone the dog barks at to an essential worker for many Americans who are voting by mail because of the pandemic. And now you can honor these workers by dressing up like them. 

If you want to support the embattled agency, you can even get child or dog costumes at the US postal service office shop, for $24 and $18 respectively.

But maybe you really want a sexy costume this year, but would still like to show your enthusiasm for mail-in ballots or the post office. If that is the case, the company Yandy, known for its spicy costumes, has got you covered. It's selling a "sexy postal babe" costume and has a very revealing mail-in ballot "dress" for sale. 

Covid-19 related costumes are not available, because as Yandy's vice president of merchandising Pilar Quintana-Williams told Business Insider, "I don't think there's anything sexy about it." But the company does offer a funny take on one of the years most sought after products: hand sanitizer outfits

Let the funny moments of 2020 inspire your costume

You could always go as sexy sanitizer.
You could always go as sexy sanitizer.  © Kyryl Gorlov /123fr

There's nothing sexy about the pandemic but the lighter moments of 2020 can still inspire your Halloween outfit. 

Other creative costumes ideas that are floating around the web are based on some activities people took up while sheltering at home, quarantining, or simply dealing with the car crash that is 2020. 

One low-effort idea is to wear a brown sweater and say you're a sour dough starter. You could also simply put on a work shirt without pants and say it's your home office Zoom look.

Mona Lisa painting gets caked by man disguised as old lady
Strange Things Mona Lisa painting gets caked by man disguised as old lady

But if you still interested in going as something sexy, there's always the Tiger King (or Queen), and if you look hard enough, you might even find a sexy toilet paper roll costume. For pure horror, the best choice is dressing up as someone who needs to talk to the manager: a Karen.

So even if trick-or-treating is canceled or your Halloween plans look very different this year, you can still put together a timely costume for your socially distanced or virtual event.

Cover photo: foodandmore/ 123 rf

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