Pentagon confirms leaked footage of "Unidentified Aerial Phenomena"!

Washington, DC - Pentagon officials have confirmed that leaked footage of "unidentified aerial phenomena" captured in 2019 were real images of unexplained objects.

March 2019: Navy personnel captured other-worldly photos of triangle-shaped objects over the clouds.
March 2019: Navy personnel captured other-worldly photos of triangle-shaped objects over the clouds.  © instagram/@jeremycorbell

In March 2019, Navy personnel reportedly captured the baffling photos of triangle-shaped objects moving through the atmosphere.

They also observed three unidentified flying objects: one spherical, another acorn-shaped, and one described as a "metallic blimp," Pentagon spokesperson Susan Gough told CNN.

The origins of the strange pyramid-shaped objects remain a mystery, as the Defense Department has refrained from leaking any more information surrounding it.

The photos and videos were first obtained and circulated by the Mystery Wire and investigative filmmaker Jeremy Corbell of Extraordinary Beliefs.

According to Mystery Wire, the objects were photographed from a naval station in Virginia by an F-18 weapons systems officer who used his iPhone.

2019 UFO sightings will be investigated

"To maintain operations security and to avoid disclosing information that may be useful to potential adversaries, the Department of Defense does not discuss publicly the details of either the observations or the examinations of reported incursions into our training ranges or designated airspace – including those incursions initially designated as UAP (Unidentified Aerial Phenomena)," Gough told CNN.

However, a new Unidentified Aerial Phenomena Task Force, which was set up last August, will investigate UFO sightings by the military going forward.

The 2019 sightings have been "included these incidents in their ongoing examinations," Gough added.

Cover photo: collage 123RF/Chris Dorney/instagram/@jeremycorbell

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