People are going nuts for a British man's ballsy mask design

Blackpool, UK – As coronavirus-induced lockdowns continue to plague the UK, a British man thought he might spice things up with an invention sure to turn some heads... and possibly stomachs. Sales are coming thick and fast.

The testicle mask will certainly turn heads in public.
The testicle mask will certainly turn heads in public.  © Screenshot/

The Brit designed a mask that looks like a pair of wrinkled testicles. He called his invention the Ball Bag Face Mask.

"The BallBag Face Mask will not only protect you from air born nasties but will spread happiness and joy wherever you wear it," designer Will, aka Billy, explained on his website.

But who would want the bottom of their face to look like male gonads? Apparently, a lot of people do. The unusual masks sold out in record time!

Will joked that he is currently "up to his nuts" in orders. A limited second batch will be available by December 1.

Going for $33 each, the Crown Jewels creation is certainly paying off for the young designer.

How about decking out your Christmas tree with a set of balls?

How about some ballsy Christmas ornaments or a set of dangling testicles?
How about some ballsy Christmas ornaments or a set of dangling testicles?  © Screenshot/

Will seems to have a talent for testicular designs. He first started crafting balls when he needed a set of dangling testicles for a friend’s bachelor party outfit.

"I didn't want to dress him up in the traditional 'Dress/Morph suit/Dildo' so I decided to attempt to make him a pair of 'Bad Grandpa' inspired Dangly Testicles," he explained on his website.

The outfit received a ton of "positive attention." Inspired by the occasion, Will decided to launch his own product line for people "who want to stand out from the crowd."

Will's online shop offers a diverse range of testicular fashions, from key rings and purses to underwear. He even sells a "Little Willy" magnet.

As the holiday season approaches, people can check out Will's brand-new set of Christmas Cock and BallBalls ornaments.

Customers around the world can think of no better way to celebrate the season than with a set of Crown Jewels hanging from their trees.

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