This paper towel dispenser might give you a little heart attack

Internet - Halloween is getting close and even inanimate objects are getting into the spooky mood, as TikTok user Sarah Watson's viral video shows.

"Careful!! I scream" – literally!
"Careful!! I scream" – literally!  © Screenshot/Bildmontage/sarahwatson6336

"This is seriously the funniest s*** I have ever seen," she says in the clip, as she is standing in front of a paper towel dispenser in a public restroom. 

But this isn't just any old dispense – it carries a warning.

A handwritten note taped to it has a warning for everyone: "Careful!! I scream!" It also intriguingly features a drawing of a ghost.

The mysterious sing makes sense as soon as Sarah pulls out a paper towels. The device begins to rattle as it prepares to eject the next sheet, and then comes the dramatic climax. 

The device makes a shrill noise that sounds just like a blood-curdling scream in a horror movie. Sarah can't stop laughing when she hears the screeching,

Creepy or funny?

Despite the clear warning, the device's shrill sound still comes as a surprise.
Despite the clear warning, the device's shrill sound still comes as a surprise.  © Screenshot/Bildmontage/sarahwatson6336

Fortunately, Sarah was warned in advance. The sign was probably made by some poor unsuspecting person who just wanted to dry their hands, but got a good pre-Halloween fright instead.

On TikTok, the video caused a lot of excitement. It has over one million views and most users think the scream is eerily human-like. They also found the video just as funny as Sarah did.

But some of the more sensitive commenters got spooked: "Why did I jump," one user asked.

Cover photo: Screenshot/Bildmontage/sarahwatson6336

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