Who is the most tattooed woman in the world?

Melbourne, Florida - At the point of near bodily saturation, Charlotte Guttenberg has covered her entire body with tattoos, making her possibly the most tattooed woman in the entire world.

The most tattooed woman in the world has more than 98% of her body covered in ink.
The most tattooed woman in the world has more than 98% of her body covered in ink.  © Unsplash/Stories & Ink Tattoo Care

Body art is something truly personal, a permanent inking into your skin that will never fully fade.

To some, the idea of such a thing instills fear and concern, but to others, the concept of building your self-identity and expressing yourself through body art is an absolute thrill.

With all that in mind, it's time to take a look at the world record holder for the most tattooed woman in the world.

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Who is she, why does she have so many tattoos, and what's the story behind this remarkable achievement?

Read on to find out!

Most tattooed woman in the world

Charlotte Guttenberg is a resident of Melbourne, Florida, and the most tattooed woman in the world. With about 98.75% of her body covered in brightly colored tattoos made up of extraordinary designs, her body has now become fully saturated with only her face and fingers left without ink.

She holds more than just the one world record, too! Guttenberg can also boast the records for most tattooed senior citizen, most tattooed woman ever, and most tattooed woman alive. These awards were granted and calculated by the Guinness Book of World Records.

Even more interesting, Charlotte's husband Chuck is also a tattoo enthusiast and world record holder. He holds the award for most skulls tattooed on the body, at 376 skulls and counting! Meanwhile, Charlotte has the most feathers tattooed on a body, which is 216.

Charlotte's tattoos are especially bright and colorful, featuring birds, plants, and beautiful scenery. It's really something to behold!

Why is the world's most tattooed woman so covered in ink?

Charlotte cites the previous holder of this record, Isobel Varley, as the inspiration for her own remarkable tattoo journey. Varley set the record back in 1990 and, ever since, Charlotte has been determined to cover her body in as much beautiful body art as she can.

Interestingly, Charlotte didn't get her first piece until after she turned 50! She told Guinness World Records that, after her first tattoo, she "knew immediately that I wanted to get a full suit." Ever since then, getting tattoos has become something that Charlotte and Chuck enjoy doing together.

"Having the tattoos has given us the ability to show everybody that you can be different, you can express yourself, and it doesn't matter how you do it," she said.

The most tattooed woman in the world isn't alone with her ink

As we write more and more stories about extreme tattoos and body modifications, we find more and more people who have benefited from wonderful body art. There's the story of the woman who, after moving to Tel Aviv in Israel, found that her body art made her into an "exotic lover," and there are many pushing back against haters who call them "ugly" or worse.

Covering your body in tattoos and other forms of bodily modification is a daunting prospect and can be an addiction to many.

To tattoo-enthusiasts like Charlotte, however, it is a beautiful way to express yourself – and have fun while doing so!

Cover photo: Unsplash/Stories & Ink Tattoo Care

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