Puppy rescued after being severely abused and nearly thrown into river by his owner

Utica, Michigan - A Michigan woman was stopped during an attempt to throw a 6-month-old puppy into the Macomb County River. The dog's wounds indicate she badly abused the poor animal.

This little dog suffered serious abuse.
This little dog suffered serious abuse.  © Facebook/Screenshot/@Detroitpitcrew

Police and detectives were able to stop the abuser. The unfortunate puppy named Lux was taken to the Detroit Pit Crew Dog Rescue, FOX 2 reported.

The animal rescue service posted pictures of the badly injured dog on Facebook, writing that the pooch had suffered two broken legs and a fractured skull.

The poor dog had likely endured severe abuse during his short life span of six months, having both old and new injuries, including a broken front right leg that never properly healed.

The story gets worse: according to the rescue service, if his leg's condition doesn't improve, Lux may have to have it amputated. The dog's caretakers are doing everything they can to avoid that step.

Abused animal is recovering in a foster home

Lux is recovering in a foster home.
Lux is recovering in a foster home.  © Facebook/Screenshot/@Detroitpitcrew

The traumatized animal has been recovering from his wounds in a foster home.

The Macomb County Prosecutor's Office has confirmed that the suspect is a woman, and the incident took place in Utica. However, there is no further information on charges at this time.

The rescue team thanked everyone who had donated and kept the four-legged friend in their prayers.

Everyone involved is now hoping for the pooch's speedy recovery. Meanwhile, the investigation into the dog's abuser is underway.

Cover photo: Facebook/Screenshot/@Detroitpitcrew

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