Top three of the quirkiest dogs on TikTok

From burping golden retrievers to Himalayan fur goblins, get ready for a wild ride with these three viral dog videos on TikTok!

Check out three of TikTok's most quirkiest dogs with their hilarious nature and hidden talents!
Check out three of TikTok's most quirkiest dogs with their hilarious nature and hidden talents!  © Collage: Screenshot/TikTok/@beckyhalko, @pepperthepom_x, @emilyrogers7

Sit, stay, burp!

Have you ever witnessed a dog with the ability to burp on command?

Or how about a tiny Pomeranian that transforms into a Himalayan fur goblin?

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Today, we're diving into a few viral TikToks we couldn't pass by.

These four-legged stars have caught the attention of millions with their incredible skills and hidden secrets.

So sit back, grab a refreshing drink, and prepare for these canine celebs that continue to captivate people all around the world.

Finn, the golden burping extraordinaire

When it comes to hidden talents, Finn has a party trick that could win any contest!

In a video by @beckyhalko, an adorable doggo burps on command, garnering a whopping 2.4 million likes.

One viewer even praised the pup, saying, "Homie had the decency to look away and not burp in your face."

Talk about mutual respect!

The Himalayan fur goblin

In a clip by @pepperthepom_x that reached 1.2 million likes, an adorable pomeranian fluffball struts his stuff outside while his owner provides a detailed narration.

Dubbed one of the planet's "deadliest animals," this fur goblin captivated the hearts of viewers worldwide.

One viewer asked, "Where do I get a Himalayan fur goblin? I need one."

Check out this tiny pup:

The lightning-fast water-chasing pup

Prepare to feast your eyes on TikTok's fastest pup!

In an incredible video by @emilyrogers7, we witness a human holding a hose while a dog eagerly leaps through the air, attempting to catch a splash of water.

The clip amassed 8.4 million likes, with one viewer commenting, "HOW IS YOUR DOG SO FAST."

Who knew pups love water this much?

We'll be back next week with three of TikTok's most fetching doggy vids!

Cover photo: Collage: Screenshot/TikTok/@beckyhalko, @pepperthepom_x, @emilyrogers7

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