Javelina takes car for a joyride after breaking in for a snack!

Cornville, Arizona - A very hungry javelina was looking for a snack when it got stuck in a car and ended up going for a drive.

This little javelina broke into the Subaru for some Cheetos.
This little javelina broke into the Subaru for some Cheetos.  © Screenshot/ Facebook/ Yavapai County Sheriff's Office

Last week, Yavapai County deputies responded to a call about a javelina stuck in a Subaru station wagon about ten miles south of Sedona in Cornville, Arizona.

A javelina is a pig-like desert animal that is native to the area.

After arriving at the scene and talking to neighbors and the owner of the Subaru, deputies determined that the animal jumped into the back hatch of an open Subaru and got trapped inside.

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According to the Yavapai County Sheriff's Office Facebook post, the beastie was after some Cheetos. The Sheriff's office said they didn't think he did anything wrong by chasing down a tasty snack. "Can you blame him, who doesn’t love a midnight Cheeto snack?"

But once the animal got inside, the hatch back closed, and it got stuck. In its futile attempts to escape, it tore off part of the dashboard, damaged the passenger door interior, and knocked the car into neutral.

The Javelina took a drive down the driveway and across the street. It came to a stop under some trees.

The Sheriff's Office was "happy to report, no one was hurt during this escapade, including the animal. The Deputy safely opened the hatch allowing the javelina to carefully jump out and run off back into the wilderness."

Officials also reminded people to refrain from feeding the critters. They may look cute, they are still wild animals.

Cover photo: Screenshot/ Facebook/ Yavapai County Sheriff's Office

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