Man vs. bobcat: incredible video of wild suburban attack goes viral!

Internet - A wild video one man's brave battle to save his wife from a rabid bobcat is doing the rounds on the internet!

This writhing creature is actual a small bobcat!
This writhing creature is actual a small bobcat!  © Twitter/@Evi3Zamora

The clip starts out like an ad marketed to suburban families: a man whistles as he heads to his car, offering a pleasant "Good Morning!" to a passing jogger and noting to his wife that he needs to get his car washed.

The tone changes instantly when low screeches and growls can be heard somewhere off camera.

On her way to get into the passenger side of the car, the man's wife begins screaming. "Run!" she shouts, as she tries to escape from something that's just pounced on her back.

In a rush of adrenaline, the man runs around the back of the vehicle to his wife's aid, allowing her to escape. He reappears moments later with something writhing in his hands.

The jogger powers back to help while the man is screaming, "It's a bobcat! Get out! Get out!"

The crazy struggle ends with him throwing the animal about 15 feet across his yard.

"I'm gonna shoot that f****r!"

After the video got re-posted on Twitter, it quickly reached more than one million views, and comments across other platforms unanimously agree that the man is a hero.

One Twitter user familiar with the original TikTok post said that the man was actually nicknamed Happy, and that the bobcat was caught and killed, and the couple started on rabies treatments.

The man, who started off the clip with a cheerful whistle, understandably yells, "I'm gonna shoot that f****r!" as he heads to check on his wife after the attack.

It's not clear what provoked the animal, nor has it been verified that it carried rabies. The wife was carrying what looked like a small animal carrier and perhaps had a rabbit or cat inside, which seems like a great breakfast for the bobcat.

The comments were enthusiastic, lauding the man's exceptional throwing skills:

"Looks like he was trying to set a disc throwing record in the Olympics!" one user said, while another spotted a crucial detail: "You can see the bobcat cross the street in the beginning looking for violence."

A third appreciated the rollercoaster ride: "Man what.... it was like a 60s sitcom to horror flick in a few secs."

"Currently adding 'will pull a bobcat off me' to my list of requirements for a man," another user quipped.

Bobcats very rarely attack humans. Their main prey are rabbits, mice, and squirrels.

Cover photo: Twitter/@Evi3Zamora

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