Rescued baby bird looks more like a cotton ball than animal!

Brighton, Australia - A walker found this baby bird at the roots of a tree and thought it was just a ball of white fluff until they saw it had legs and a face! This good Samaritan ended up rescuing a bird called a Tawny frogmouth.

This baby bird weighed less than an ounce.
This baby bird weighed less than an ounce.  © Screenshot/Facebook/Bonorong Wildlife Sanctuary

Tawny frogmouths are birds native to Australia and Tasmania. They tend to get mistaken for owls because of their large heads and naturally nocturnal schedule.

But these brown and gray birds aren't even related to owls. According to the Australian Museum, the bird's closest relatives are nightjars.

Tawny frogmouths babies don't always make their way into the world with the same plumage as their parents. Sometimes, as this rescue story proves, the chicks can look more like cotton balls.

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When a walker thought they saw a ball of something fluffy at the base of a tree, they almost passed it by, per The Dodo.

But luckily, they decided to investigate and found that the fluffy thing was a baby bird that'd fallen from its nest.

The search for the baby animal's nest was unsuccessful, so the rescuer took the babe to the Bonorong Wildlife Sanctuary. There the little critter was checked out, weighed and fed. Sanctuary workers also gave the bird that fits in the palm of their hand a name: Pod.

They will take care of Pod the puff ball until it can be released into the wild. Which will be pretty soon because Twany frogmouths leave the nest just 30 days after birth. How's that for independence?

Cover photo: Screenshot/Facebook/Bonorong Wildlife Sanctuary

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