Sneaky seagull caught stealing snacks from convenience store

Bangor, UK - This sneaky seagull thief entered a convenience store and walked away with the goods not just once, but twice!

The seagull thief enters the Late Stop 24 store and heads toward the pastry shelf.
The seagull thief enters the Late Stop 24 store and heads toward the pastry shelf.  © Facebook/Screenshot/Late Stop 24 Bangor

The owner of the Late Stop 24 convenience store in Bangor, Wales, witnessed shameless theft from his own shop twice within 24 hours, the Mirror reported.

Horrified, he took to Facebook to address the public.

"DO YOU ROCOGNISE THIS THIEF?" he wrote, adding, "Caught on camera TWICE yesterday stealing from the premises, he’s pushing his luck…"

He asked users to pass on any possible leads and information about the animal culprit: "Somebody out there must recognise him… we have already been given the name Steven, but could be just a relation. Any info appreciated."

He also shared the footage from his surveillance camera, which shows a seagull striding purposefully into the store, grabbing a pastry, and walking back out through the front door.

Late Stop 24 customers store have a good time with the bird

The seagull thief walks away with a pastry.
The seagull thief walks away with a pastry.  © Facebook/Screenshot/Late Stop 24 Bangor

Of course, it's not clear whether little Steven was responsible for both robberies, but the birds on the surveillance footage look similar each time.

Steven apparently isn't just a criminal mastermind. He's also a social media sensation.

The post of the sneaky seagull has garnered more than 15,000 views and 280 likes. Users in the comments section are delighted by the brazen bird.

"That's made my day – cheeky little seagull," one wrote enthusiastically, while another said: "Those seagulls are a real pest but wow they are smart!"

A third commenter seemed to believe Steven was being falsely accused: "I’m sorry but at the time of this incident Steven was committing another crime by the kebab shops in Holyhead. So he has an airtight alibi I’m afraid."

Cover photo: Facebook/Screenshot/Late Stop 24 Bangor

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