The fast and the curious: cyclist trailed by wooly pursuer!

Ontario, Canada - It had all the makings of a perfect bike trip: fresh air, a gentle breeze – and a chase with a ram?

After a long chase, Keith Ailey and Ozzy the ram were finally able to make friends!
After a long chase, Keith Ailey and Ozzy the ram were finally able to make friends!  © Collage: Instagram/Screenshot/theozzyworld & Facebook/Screenshot/Keith Ailey

That's certainly not how Keith Ailey of Canada had imagined his outing!

While cycling, he suddenly spotted a dark figure in front of him. "I noticed a black animal cross the road in front of me and pause on the opposite side," Ailey told The Dodo.

As the cyclist got closer, he realized that it was a black ram. The animal gave him an interested look – and seemed to have taken a liking to him.

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The ram couldn't get enough of Ailey: "As soon as I passed by, he turned and chased." The ram was surprisingly fast!

"I stomped on the pedals and sped away, but when I slowed down I could see he was still following!" Ailey recalled. "He made up ground quickly and was soon right behind me again."

It was quite a while before the fluffy ram was distracted by a truck and the chase finally came to an end.

The Canadian shared a video of the crazy incident on Facebook

The ram and the cyclist had a reunion shortly thereafter

Ozzy the ram ran away from a farm

But it wasn't the last time Ailey and the ram would see each other.

When the man learned that the ram belonged to a family nearby and had been christened Ozzy, he immediately got in touch to make sure the little one had made it back home safely. "A week later I visited [him] at his farm," he said, and the joy was immense.

At their reunion, Ozzy didn't seem as disgruntled as he had appeared on the road. "He does love humans," Ailey said, "And that is likely why he was chasing me!"

Cover photo: Collage: Instagram/Screenshot/theozzyworld & Facebook/Screenshot/Keith Ailey

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