TikToker gets a pet duckling through an amazing supermarket eggs-periment

Port Talbot, UK - Due to production controls, supermarket eggs in the US cannot produce chicks, but one woman proved it's possible in the UK!

Adele began her experiment on March 28, and by on April 29, she discovered the egg was hatching!
Adele began her experiment on March 28, and by on April 29, she discovered the egg was hatching!  © Screenshot Facebook @Adele Phillips

Adele Phillips was browsing TikTok when she happened across a video tutorial that suggested to viewers that baby ducks could hatch from supermarket eggs.

As duck eggs are actually available in British supermarkets, the young Welsh woman thought she would give the claim a try.

Adele went to her local Morrisons grocery store, picked up a pack of unrefrigerated free range duck eggs and placed one of them in an incubator she had previously purchased online.

In America egg production is strictly controlled which means egg laying facilities would not have a male chicken or duck nearby that could possibly fertilize an egg.

The duck eggs Adele selected were free range, which meant more likelihood of being fertilized by a male duck at a smaller farm. In the US, even free range eggs are washed prior to being sent to grocery stores, and must be refrigerated after that.

Because eggs are unwashed in other countries, and retain their natural protective coating, they don't need to be stored in fridges and if fresh, an embryo could develop under the right conditions.

Adele paid extremely close attention to ensuring that the incubator was always at the recommended temperature and always at the correct humidity level.

"Throughout the experiment my family kept looking at me, they thought I'd gone completely mad," Adele told the Mirror. "Everyone thought I'd just end up with a boiled egg."

Adele Phillips shows off the cute duckling on her Facebook page

But Adele proved her family wrong as almost exactly a month after the strange experiment began, the family couldn't believe their eyes.

The egg did indeed hatch into a tiny, and perfectly healthy duckling - and Adele's heart melted so much that she decided that instead of shipping her experiment off to a farm, she would raise him herself.

"It's a week old now and it's in a box with a heat lamp," Adele said. "They need a lot of warmth when they're babies. In the evening it has swimming time, then I put it in the water and give it food such as strawberries and spinach."

However, with all the joy of her successful experiment, Adele says she can no longer eat eggs without guilt.

"I'm a little skeptical about it now," Adele says. "Every time I scramble eggs, I think it might be my little chick."

Cover photo: Screenshot Facebook @Adele Phillips

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