A tooth for a tooth: these two celebrities wear each other's wisdom teeth around their necks!

Los Angeles, California - Romantic or kind of gross? Nicola Peltz and her fiancé Brooklyn Beckham have been showing off a very special piece of jewelry on social media.

Nicola Peltz (26) loves her new tooth necklace!
Nicola Peltz (26) loves her new tooth necklace!  © Collage: Instagram/Screenshot/nicolaannepeltz (2)

The actor and the son of professional soccer star David Beckham (45) have been a couple for over a year now – and they still seem as smitten as the first day.

It's no wonder the two simply never miss an opportunity to prove to themselves and the world how strong their love really is.

Beckham recently dedicated a fifth tattoo to his darling Nicola.

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The ink is just the beginning as the two lovebirds have recently started wearing filigree necklaces around their necks – set with very unique pendants.

In a YouTube video for Vogue, in which Nicola reveals her beauty secrets, she holds the pendant of her gold necklace up to the camera and says, "This is so weird, but this is Brooklyn's wisdom tooth."

Check out Vogue's YouTube video with Nicola Peltz for yourself:

Spotted! Brooklyn also wears his lover's tooth with pride:

Covered with gold, the tooth became the perfect piece of jewelry

When Brooklyn recently had his wisdom teeth extracted, Nicola didn't want him to just get rid of them. Instead, she got a very strange idea: why not just keep them and make a pretty pendant out of them?

She had the tooth covered in gold, and bang, it was transformed into the perfect jewel. It actually looks quite chic!

And because the Bates Motel actor was so delighted with her creation, she decided to have a pendant made for her fiancé as well.

Her own wisdom teeth were extracted five years ago, but luckily her mother kept them.

Brooklyn loved the gift and immediately shared his joy on Instagram: "Best gift ever from my best friend and the most amazing fiancée. love you like crazy."

Cover photo: Collage: Instagram/Screenshot/nicolaannepeltz (2)

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