Aaron Carter wants to step into the boxing ring: will he finally duke it out with Justin Bieber?

Los Angeles, California –The youngest heavyweight world champion of all time, Mike Tyson, made his great comeback on Sunday. His bout with Roy Jones Jr. ended in a draw, but there's more spectacular news coming up from the world of boxing: Aaron Carter will exchange his microphone for a pair of gloves!

Aaron's six-pack is already visible, but is that enough for twelve rounds in the ring?
Aaron's six-pack is already visible, but is that enough for twelve rounds in the ring?  © Screenshot/Instagram Aaron Carter

It's been a while since we've heard from one-time teen heartthrob Aaron Carter (32). Over the years, the younger brother of Backstreet Boys member Nick (40) made headlines again and again for drug abuse and misdemeanors.

The list of Carter's missteps is much longer than that of his musical successes in the past two decades.

After seemingly drifting into calmer waters with his on-again off-again fiancée Melanie Martin, Carter is ready to step back into the spotlight.

And this time, it's not just a little detour into the porn industry. According to TMZ, the singer wants to set up a boxing match!

Carter wants to turn in his microphone for a pair of gloves and a mouth guard!

But where did he get the idea – and isn't it a little late for a career as a professional boxer?

The TMZ report mentions celebrity boxing promoter Damon Feldman, who is said to have signed Carter to a contract. They are currently looking for another famous name who can hold his own against in a fight.

Will Aaron and Nick Carter settle their scores once and for all?

Nick (40) and Aaron Carter (32) are no longer on speaking terms (archive photo).
Nick (40) and Aaron Carter (32) are no longer on speaking terms (archive photo).  © Imago Images / MediaPunch

The rumor mill is churning and there's plenty of speculation about who Aaron's opponent might be.

Perhaps it will be his older brother Nick, with whom he regularly gets into fights. He has been throwing punches regularly both via Twitter and in court.

But there's a problem: the disagreement between the two brothers escalated to such an extent that Nick tried to obtain a restraining order in 2019, fearing that Aaron might hurt his family. It seems rather unlikely that Nick would now enter the ring with his brother.

So, who's still in the running?

Many have suggested Justin Bieber (26).

Is Justin Bieber fighting with Aaron Carter instead of Tom Cruise?

Justin Bieber (26) has long been a target of Aaron's spite.
Justin Bieber (26) has long been a target of Aaron's spite.  © imago images / ZUMA Press

The Canadian has repeatedly been a target for Carter's savage insults.

On Twitter, he has accused Bieber of being a cheap copy of himself, but the 26-year-old has never really responded.

Bieber himself has expressed his interest in boxing in the past. He once challenged Tom Cruise (58) to duke it out, but nothing came of that.

It's well known that Carter enjoys boosting his publicity. And since he's not earning much more money through music and needs to finance his new house, a celebrity boxing match might do the trick.

Damon Feldman has a lot of work to do before Aaron can make his fists fly. We'll stay tuned.

Cover photo: Screenshot/Instagram Aaron Carter

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